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Q: What is a Misspell Search ?

A: A special tool designed to locate products that were incorrectly listed for sale. Doing so will allow you to buy the item at bargain discount prices.

Q: What is the Search Power drop down box for ?
A: Our misspelling tool is the only search engine that is 100% compatible with the new eBay design. The search level allows you to tone down our search power.
Q: Is there a charge or membership to use this site ?
A: No the site is completely free
Q: Do you collect information about me and my search habits ?
A: No, we do not collect any information about you or your search queries.
Q: Other sites have a feature where they say "Welcome Back" or show my previous searches, why don't you do this ?
A: They are tracking every keystroke and word you type, we do not do this. They drop a spyware / tracking cookie on your computer with a "ID" number and store your info in a database. The next time you visit their site they load this information by reading the cookie ID number.
Q: A few sites offer toolbars why don't you ?
A: Toolbars put your computer at risk. Any downloadable program, yes toolbars are programs, can harm your computer or introduce spyware or worse yet viruses. This can happen even if the designer did not add spyware to the toolbar, any downloadable program can be hacked including toolbars.


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We do not place any tracking cookies on your pc. We collect NO information about you from cookies.
We ask for nothing and we expect nothing from you. Enjoy !! Spyware free searches.